Alternative Energy

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Energies of the Future Limited® focuses mainly on all those energy resources which are alternative to the actual petroleum and nuclear, with the precise scope to discover new technologies and funding them.

The company was bought by a new director in 2009 and has since then been working on two major projects in the field of future energy resources.

Active in known alternative sectors as Solar, Eolic, Thermal, Tidal and Waste Energy, Energies of the Future Limited® has also invested in ideas and proposals from young scientists willing to test their thesis or develop their new patented projects, some of which are extremely interesting in the field of future energy development and use.

Open to new investors and proposals from several universities and group studies, the company has opened an office in Prague, Czech Republic, today’s center of EU, able to receive applications from investors and new projects, analyze them and eventually realize them in partnership. This is why a new local company has been created: Energies of the Future s.r.o..

A special attention has been placed by our company also to the use of Green Fuel® and the recycling of used oil and wastes, compatibly with all the environmentally friendly technologies available on the market.

Some projects we are investing in are not available to the public and may not be disclosed. Others are open to further study, private investment, and thus available on this web site (even if as a short summary).

By keeping in mind that there are clean and environmentally friendly resources still not in use, by the means of new technologies and bright ideas, we work as a team, open minded and honestly convinced in our endeavors.

You are thus welcome to contact us, either if you are someone with a good project or an energy producer, a supplier or an investor. We look forward to this.




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